5 Reasons To Put Solar Panels On Your Investment Property

With the increasing demand for electric power, the rising prices of oil, and the growing concern for the environment, many businesses are finding ways to alleviate this problem and search for alternative energy sources. Out of all the renewable energy available, solar energy is one of the most sustainable choices, and it can also provide the business with numerous benefits. This article has compiled the most prevalent benefits of investing in a solar panel for your commercial business.

Harness the Daylight Hours

Quality solar panels can help reduce overall costs by up to 70 percent, resulting in significant savings on fuel and power bills in the long run. If your business runs during the day, you can proceed with your daily operations as you generate free and sustainable energy from the sun to accommodate your business’s electricity needs while safeguarding your budget from unstable utility power costs. Moreover, with solar energy, you also have the option of storing electricity through a battery system, which can be useful when you need a back-up for night time or other additional support. Plus, If you managed to store enough energy from your rooftop solar panels or ground-mounted panels, you could sell the surplus energy generated from your solar farm.

Attract Tenants

You can have peace of mind against rising energy costs, lower your current operating expenses, and tap into the growing customer base that searches for environmentally responsible businesses focused on sustainable energy strategies. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute, 58 percent of consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment when deciding whether to purchase goods and services. Going green with solar energy can increase customers’ positive response, giving your business an eco-friendly and globally conscious reputation. Every time your customers, shareholders, employees, and others see the panels; you’ll be making a great impression of your company and your dedication to sustainability and the environment.

Earn Money Through Rebates

Though the upfront costs may seem daunting, going solar can save you a lot for years to come and could even make money for your business. Rebates are generally available in many states, municipality, utility companies, or other organizations that want to promote solar energy use. Both residential and commercial solar systems can benefit from this. It also applies to all three major solar equipment types, such as photovoltaic, concentrating solar technology, and solar heating and cooling. Switching to solar energy is a big step and will significantly lessen your overall costs as electric bills keep climbing up year by year.

Government Incentives

As a business owner, installing solar panels will help you reduce utility costs and provide you with tax benefits depending on what state or municipality you operate in. Government incentives, coupled with recent reductions in commercial solar panel prices, make for a good financial decision to generate long-term savings for your company. When you install commercial solar panels, you benefit from the Solar Investment Tax Credit or ITC, which reduces your tax credit by 26 percent. Furthermore, some states provide additional tax credits for installing a solar panel system by deducting a portion of your solar panel system’s overall cost from your state tax bill.

Do Your Bit For The Planet

Sustainable energy strategies like solar panels help reduce CO2 emissions and allow you to do your part in mitigating climate change and the global warming crisis. By avoiding non-renewable energy sources, you can enjoy free electric supply for 25 to 35 years and help support green business aspirations. Furthermore, utilizing sustainable methods can help prevent the waste of natural resources, which eventually reduces the risk of resource depletion in the long run. Aside from implementing these sustainable energy sources, you can also take a full audit of your energy usage and emissions to reveal more opportunities to cut costs and operate more efficiently. Beyond the prudent financial reasons to go green, one of the most important reasons is to help preserve the Earth for the long-term, making your company customers and your conscience happy.